About me

Hey I am Wolfgang and I am a Singer-Songwriter from Milwaukee, WI. Music has always spoken to me in unique ways, giving me the peace that "I am not the only one." The intention of my music is to do the same. I write out of the places I have been to connect with other people on a deeper level. Outside of music, I work as a High School Teacher and volunteer as a Young Life Leader.

The Album

Mosaic is a collection of songs that I wrote over the past 3 years that have meant the most to me. They are a reflection on the places I've been and struggles I've faced that have shaped me into the person I am today. I picked the title Mosaic because there is something beautiful that comes from broken pieces being brought back together for a new purpose. For me, brokenness has become a part of my story that I have embraced and found beauty in. The hope of my music is to connect with the lives of the listeners in a special way and to spread hope into the hardships of the lives that we live.

I recorded the album over a two month period with Zach Meyer (The Coalroom) who played all of the keys and mixed the whole album. Ben Pepin played electric guitar and Katrina Brinkman sang female vocals. My dad, Paul Recht, played the bass and Kyle White played guitar. All songs were written and sung by me, and I even got the play a little harmonica on the record as well. Lastly, my friends Ryan, Lisa, Tim, Luis, Erik, and Ryan contributed the beautiful sound of their stomp on clap in Just The Same. The album was mastered by Justin Perkins (The Mystery Room) into its final form. Thank you for reading and listening!